With more disc brake platforms on the market than ever before, fitting hydraulic hoses can be complex and frustrating. That’s why we developed the Quick-Fit™ Hydraulic Hose adapter system, a foolproof approach utilising proven caliper-adapter technology from the motorcycle world. Pro universal hoses make it safe and easy to dial in a perfect fit.

Simply select a Pro hydraulic hose and match it with a compatible Mountain Pro Quick-Fit™ Adapter kit. It’s that easy. Pro Hydraulic Hoses come in a wide array of colours. Pro Quick-Fit™ Adapter kits for are available separately in convenient packaging for the most popular brake manufacturers and models.

Key Features:

  • A Kevlar® weave surrounding the liner prevents bulges due to heat buildup and extreme pressure

  • Each hose has 2 caliper-side universal couplers that connect to the Quick-Fit™ Adapters (sold separately)

  • Mountain Pro Hydraulic hose kits are available in 12 colors and finishes

Jagwire Pro Hydraulic Hose Kit 3m