The AE21 is the ultimate stylish Urban Hybrid e-bike for the discerning city commuter, with a front motor powered by an E-Going system. Its frame is constructed from lightweight and hardwearing aluminium, with a clever-case central storage system, which houses the battery, a laptop bag and a high quality ABUS folding lock for maximum security.

The AE21 experience

Intelligent design, versatile frame, folding pedals and handlebars, all everyday features that you'll be glad to have. You will find the compactness of this model convenient when travelling around town and its electric motor is perfect for clean urban use. The AE21 won an award in the Janus de l'Industrie 2014. The jury, made up of fifty independent experts, assessed the company's commitment through its compliance with a very strict specification based on five criteria, known as the "5Es": Economy / Ergonomics / Esthetics / Ethics / Emotion.

Available in three groovy colours, white, orange and black the AE21 from Peugeot is a stylish, powerful e-electric bike designed and built to move you around the city! Stand out amongst the grey concrete jungles and navigate around with a smile!

The attractive design provides practically, the 3-speed AE21 features a cleaver case storage for your laptop or work bag, this allows you to purely focus on riding and navigating the city limits without feeling uncomfortable. When you simply arrive at work, or your destination, you can fold the AE21 for safe storage and transportation.

Featuring a Cycleurope Drive System powered by a 36V 9.3 Ampere-hour (Ah) lithium-ion battery that generates 334 Watt-hours (Wh) of energy gives you a range of up of 50km!

Key Features:

  • Unique Compact design

  • Clever frame storage

  • Folding handlebars and pedals

  • Li-ion 36V-9.3Ah Battery

  • Up to 50km range

  • USB port

  • Chainglider chain protector

  • Anti-theft parking

  • Kickstand

  • SKS mudguards

  • ABUS anti-theft chain

Peugeot AE21 Hybrid Electric Bike White