Downhill performance in an Enduro + package! The 2k16 Durolux gets the World Cup proven R2C2 cartridge to the established RC2 version in an upgraded 36mm chassis up to 27.5" wheels and 160/ 180 mm travel. The perfect package to attack demanding freeride tracks such as L' Alpe d`Huez's the Megavalanche. Including lubrification ports, fender, 180mm direct brake mount and QSP construction the iconic Durolux is back on top.

Key Features:

  • Intended use: FR, DH

  • Travel: 160, 170, 180mm , TA 140-180mm

  • Spring: Air

  • Cartridge: TA-R2C2, R2C2, TA-RC2, RC2, RC

  • Bottom case: Magnesium

  • Axle type: 20mm 20QLC2

  • Weight: startin g from 2250g (incl. axle)

SR Suntour Auron Suspension Fork RC2 15QLC 29"