Available Repair Jobs

  • Replacement Tube - £5 or £7.50 fitted

  • Wheel Axel/Bearing
    Replacement/Regreasing £20


  • Wheel Truing (Subject to Condition) £15

  • Tyre change (excluding new tyre) £5

  • Full Gear Service (including alignment check, inner & outer cables) £20

  • Gear Cable Replace & Adjust (single) £15

  • Chain Fitting (excluding new chain) £7.50

  • Second Hand Front/Rear Mech Replacement & Set up (including new inner & outer cable if required) £20

  • Front/Rear Mech Fit & Set up (mech not included, included new inner cable if required) £15

  • Bottom Bracket Service/Re-greasing or Replacement £20

  • Full Caliper/V-Brake/Canti-lever Brake Service (including new inner & outer cables) £15

  • Single Caliper/V-Brake/Cantilever Adjust & Inner Cable Replacement £10

  • Full Cable disc Adjust (including new inner cables) £17.50

  • Brake bleeding (full new fluid) £15 (including pad fitting if required)

  • Single Cable disc Adjust (including new inner cables) £10

  • Headset Service & Regrease £10

  • new bike build from box £40 

  • Lower fork service (no oil) £30

  • Lower fork service (with oil) £45


Available Service Options

Bronze Service £30
Excludes cost of parts
  • Frame & Forks Wiped Down and Checked for Alignment

  • Gears & Brakes Adjusted

  • Headset checked and basic adjustment given if required

  • Chain wear Checked & Lubricated

  • Wheels checked for play  

  • Tyres Inspected for Wear

  • Full Safety Check

Silver Service £50
Basic bike refresh
Recommended Ever 3-9 Months Pending on use. includes fitting of any replacement parts. Excludes cost of parts.
  • Checking Frame and Other main Components For alignment Damage and Wear

  • Checking that the Wheels are True and Hubs, Rims, Spokes and Tyres for Damage

  • serving of hubs (not including freehub)

  • Checking Alignment, Operation & Effectiveness of Brake, including full new inner and outer cables or bleeding if required 

  • Lubricating & Checking Chain for Wear

  • Setting Gear limits, Alignment of hanger checked. new inner and outer cable fitted. indexing checked

  • Checking Front Chainwheel & Rear Freewheel/Casstte For Wear

  • Checking Brake Pads and brake surface for Wear/Damage

  • Checking Bottom Bracket for Play & Adjusting if Needed if cup and cone, bearings cleaned greased and replaced 

  • Inflating Tyres to Necessary Pressure unless tyre ideal pressure is stated.

  • full list of advisorys and bike health check given.

  • basic bike clean given 

Gold Service £80
Recommended Every 12-18 Months Pending on use.Excludes cost of parts.Silver Service Plus

Feel Free to book your bike in for a service/repair job with us before bringing it down (we recommend this if you need/want your bike doing by a certain day) Or if you are in no rush, feel free to bring it into store and we will see to it when we have suitable time.

  • Threads Cleaned & Checked for Damage

  • Hubs Dissassembled, Cleaned,Re-Greased & Reassembled

  • Headset Removed, Cleaned, Re-Greased (if applicable) & Refitted

  • Bottom Bracket Removed, Cleaned, Re-Greased (if applicable) & Refitted (Replacement Fitted if Necessary) 

  • full drivetrain clean and re grease.

  • full bike cleaned 

Platinum Service £120
Includes cost of parts that require fitting.Gold Service Plus
  • Full Strip down, Clean and reassembly of bike and all parts including all bolts, seat post, moving parts, Jockey wheels etc.

  • Frame and Parts will be polished

  • Headset Removed, Cleaned, Re-Greased (if applicable) & Refitted

  • Bottom Bracket Removed, Cleaned, Re-Greased (if applicable) & Refitted (Replacement Fitted if Necessary) 

  • Full drive train clean and re grease.

  • Full bike cleaned 

  • Full health check and list of any advisories given